Nice to meet you, I'm Nova.

Here at my online space, you'll find a carefully curated selection of fashion picks that, while not directly tied to space, are chosen with the same meticulousness as stargazing on a clear night. Each item reflects my passion for quality and style, ensuring you wear the confidence of the cosmos with every outfit.

From a young age, I've been captivated by the twinkling wonders above, nurturing dreams of becoming an astronaut. The thought of exploring the unknown, floating among the galaxies—it fueled my every aspiration. I delved into studies, hoping to master various fields that could make me a valuable member of a space mission. But life, as it often does, had a different plan. I discovered I had a heart condition, dashing my hopes of ever embarking on a space odyssey.

Yet, my passion for the stars refused to be tethered. Instead, I channeled this fervor into my art, creating pieces inspired by the vast expanse above us. Every stroke of my brush, every hue I choose, is an homage to the universe I longed to explore physically. My creations are not just artworks; they're pieces of my unfulfilled astronaut dreams, painted with the hues of distant galaxies and the mystery of the cosmos.

And for those who share my cosmic dreams, I offer custom-designed pieces that bring the universe to life. If life has dealt you a tough hand and your dreams seem galaxies away, remember, we can't always bring ourselves to space, but we can surely bring space to us. Let's customize our avatars with the beautiful colors and likeness of the stars above, making our own celestial mark on this Earth-bound journey.

To all who step into my shop, I wish you a future filled with boundless fortune and happiness. Thank you for sharing in my passion and making a bit of the cosmic realm a part of your everyday adventure.

Here's to dreaming big, reaching for the stars, and embracing the universe within us all.

Warmest cosmic wishes,